Dear Admin: "Please Limit POST/GET request Length"

First of all, I would like to say: Happy new year ;) Haha, this is my first post in 2012 and my first post will began with messages to all admins around the world, to limit their request length. Why? Because it can lead to DOS attack, using a simple POST request with specially crafted messages that can led to huge amount of CPU usages.

I don't have to explain the background behind it, because many articles has done a great job of explaining. Here's the related articles explaining the problem:

The most important is the third link, because many sites are using PHP, and so many sites are not yet updated into PHP 5.3, especially shared hosting sites.


test hello world

Mandiri Transaction Downloader

Following the BCA transaction downloader script, my friend asked me to do the Mandiri transaction downloader script.

So, here it is, ofcourse it is in python. The reason I keep doing this in python is that so other user can use and learn python too. Since it is not as suck as the other scripting language and never let me down ;)

Just change the parameter inside the script:

#Ganti username dengan username anda
USERNAME = "user123"

#Ganti pin dengan pin anda
PIN = "123123"

#Ganti pake norek anda
NOREK = "1111111111111"

DAYS = 7

Its so self explaining, below is the full script

Test Post Using Android

Hello, this is my test post using android. Need abetter interface actually

Edit Your Email Before Reply or Forward In Blackberry

Having trouble editing e-mail prior to reply or forwarding? Or perhaps your colleagues at mailing-list is flaming you because of top posting? No more excuses now, there is apps for Blackberry that allow you to edit / inline editing email messages for reply or forward

Try EmailEdit Blackberry Apps. The price is less than a dollar, but it works great.

It even can pull HTML email, and format it as text.